Rob has been rocking the Ft. Lauderdale area for over a decade.  He brings both talent and personality to the group.  He's a funny guy who loves Disney World, beer and anything you can cook on the grill.  

Jordan is a man of many talents.  He plays!  He sings!  He's level 28 in Pokemon Go!  He has spent over 20 years standing behind that guitar helping people to enjoy a night out.  He does this because he loves the music.  Please feel free to buy him a shot!

CJ is the man behind the bass.  He's been slapping that thing for over 25 years and is a big fan of everything from heavy metal to the funk.  He's a shy guy who knows tons of card tricks and can quote just about any movie from the 80s.  

Q comes to us direct from California.  He says he did some films out in the Valley, but we stopped asking questions after that.  His resume includes back up dancing for Jennifer Lopez and winning the Coney Island Hot Dog eating contest in 1996 after consuming 64 hot dogs!

Meet Paradigm Shift